Are the green gummy bears strawberry?

It doesn't taste like lime, green apple or watermelon, it has a strawberry flavor.

Yes, once again for gummy lovers, green and black is the strawberry one.

Candy lovers noticed that the gummy bear package says that the green flavor is strawberry and not apple or lime as many thought. You don't have to be a genius to break things down from there.

Think about the colors of Haribo's gummy bears.

How did the little gummies get away with such an egregious lie? We're not sure, but they taste exactly like strawberry.

Perhaps the candy designers were inspired by the leaves of the fruit. Meanwhile, if you're still wondering, gummy bear candies became so popular in the 1980s that Disney even created an original cartoon with the worm of a theme song focusing on “real-life bears” in Disney Afternoon's “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”. After learning about this farce, NPR journalists recently began to wonder if gummy bears had different flavors. Candy lovers noticed that Haribo's green gummy bear actually has a strawberry flavor, not an apple and lime flavor as many thought.

But the conversation about the green gummy set Twitter on fire, and one user suggested that authorities intervene. The discovery, which is printed on the package, sparked a lively debate on the internet among fans of the candy brand, who said they thought the green flavor came from watermelon, lime or apple. The team contacted Haribo, the company that makes the world's favorite gummy bears, for information on this classic ice cream dressing. Food lovers have taken a turn after discovering the flavor of Haribo's green gummy bears, as the meaning of the brand's name has also been revealed.

(KTLA) — Haribo's classic gummy bears, technically called Haribo Goldbears, have been around for more than 100 years, but one of their flavors continues to surprise fans.