What is the Texture of a Gummy Bear?

Gelatin is one of the most popular ingredients used in candy-making and is the main component that gives gummy bears and gummy worms their chewy, elastic texture. Nowadays, the primary ingredient in gummy candies is edible jelly, which is also found in licorice, soft candies, and marshmallows. Edible jelly gives gummy bears their chewy texture and long lifespan. To make gummy bears, the ingredients are mixed together in a large bowl.

Typical ingredients include corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, food coloring, and flavorings. These flavorings often come from fruit juices and citric acid. Additionally, many gummy products use a mix of gelling agents to create different textures, such as those of rubber sharks and frogs. Pectin creates gummies with a soft, viscous body that have an excellent mouthfeel, a very quick release of flavor, a clean-cut texture and a shiny appearance.

When gelatin is added to candy mixes, it helps the candy maintain its shape and gives it a chewy texture. To get the classic gummy bear texture, an additional ingredient is often added to the mix - collagen extracted from the skin and bones of animals. This ingredient can be skipped if desired, but it will result in slightly softer gummies. Additionally, blends of citric and malic acids can provide a more authentic basic acidic flavor to enhance fruity gummies.