What Flavor is the Green Gummy Bear?

Haribo's iconic green gummy bear has been around for over a century, but it still manages to surprise fans with its flavor. Contrary to popular belief, the green bear does not taste like a lime, green apple, or watermelon, but rather a strawberry. This fact has resurfaced countless times on Reddit and recently set Twitter ablaze. NPR reporters began to wonder if gummy bears tasted differently in different places.

It turns out that in most places, the green Goldbear has a strawberry flavor. This discovery has left many people shocked and one user even suggested that the authorities intervene. Gummy candies became popular in the 1980s and Disney even created an original cartoon series called “Adventures of the Gummi Bears” from Disney Afternoon. The theme song focused on “real-life bears” and featured an earthworm. So if you're still wondering what flavor the green gummy bear is, now you know!.