Do Haribo Gummies Have Flavors?

The experts at Candy Gurus admit that soft candies are not usually their top pick, but Haribo watermelons are an exception. These tricolor gummies are certainly eye-catching and they are easy to chew and noticeably softer than many other varieties of Haribo. You can also find Haribo rubber rings here, which are otherwise only available in Europe. When I contacted Haribo, the renowned gummy bear company, I received an email from Keith Dannoff, the Vice President of Marketing.

In total, 24 varieties of Haribo gummy candies are currently available in the United States (as well as limited-edition products that come and go each year). While Haribo is famous for its Goldbears, there is a huge range of Haribo candies beyond bears. A candy lover gave a more accurate description of the flavor when she said that the influenster gummies had a wild cherry flavor, which is precisely the sweet cherry profile they offer. The team contacted Haribo for information on this classic ice cream topping.

Meanwhile, get to know the Haribo Sour Goldbears, which are basically the same classic gummy bears with the same five flavors (strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and pineapple), but with a layer of acid sugar that provides a double bittersweet sensation to the taste buds. As with Fizzy Cola, Happy-Cola fans agree that these gummies offer a true cola flavor and are enjoyable even if you don't like liquid things (via Viewpoints).