What are green gummy bears called?

The green golden bear is strawberry; the yellow golden bear is lemon; the orange golden bear is orange; the red golden bear is a raspberry; and the translucent golden bear is a pineapple. You don't have to be a genius to break things down from there. Think about the colors of Haribo's gummy bears. Fans of Haribo's gummy bears are perplexed to learn the true flavor of their green bear. In the bag full of colorful gummy bears, the green Golden Bear from Haribo is a special gift.

While the old phrase “you eat with your eyes” may give you an idea of your favorite flavor, the reality is that this flavor may not be what it seems. Do you know the secret behind the Haribo Green Golden Bear? Although the iconic Goldbears are always associated with Haribo, they aren't the only gummies the brand produces. After learning about this farce, NPR journalists recently began to wonder if gummy bears had different flavors. The team contacted Haribo, which makes the world's favorite gummy bears, to learn about this classic ice cream dressing.

While most consumers associate the green bear with a green apple, lime, or even watermelon flavor, in most places, the green golden bear actually has a strawberry flavor.