Are Gummy Bears Really Different?

Are all gummy bears the same? Many people assume that all gummy bears taste the same, but this is not necessarily true. High-end gummy bears actually have different flavors, according to Katz, a candy expert. While some candies, such as Skittles, have different colors and scents, but the same taste, gummy bears can have different flavors. Haribo gummy bears are a classic example of this.

The original gummy bear packs contain five different flavors. Red and green are the most popular colors, but there are many other flavors available. Scott Barolo, professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan Medical School, is a big fan of gummy bears and has found that there are other brands that offer even tastier flavors. NPR reporters recently contacted Haribo, maker of everyone's favorite gummy bears, for information on this classic candy.

They received an email from Vice President of Marketing Keith Dannoff. He confirmed that Haribo gummy bears do have different flavors and that the colors are not just a trick of the mind. Previous research suggests that all gummy bears actually taste the same and the only reason we think they taste different is because our perception of color tricks our brains. However, this does not mean that all gummy bears taste the same.

Different brands offer different flavors and textures, so it is worth trying out different types to find your favorite.