What Does a Gummy Bear Symbolize?

Gummy bears are often seen as a symbol of love, given away during holidays and birthdays. People have even created slang terms for them, as they come in many colors and flavors. Tattoos of gummy bears are popular too, as they look so sweet and tasty. But the meaning of this particular tattoo goes beyond adorable - it serves as a reminder to not take everything so seriously and to move forward with the eyes of a child.

The original Haribo gummies were longer, thinner and less colorful than their smaller, brighter counterparts, which were created in the 1960s across Europe. Multivitamins in the form of gummy bears have also been produced to encourage consumption by young and picky eaters. For those who have lost a loved one, getting a gummy bear tattoo can be a way to keep them close to their hearts. The Adventures of the Gummy Bears was apparently inspired by candies, following magical humanoid bears who are very adept at jumping. Trolli bears are the most often sold in five flavors in the United States and in the same colors; however, the red Trolli bear has a strawberry flavor, while the green one is lime and the colorless one is grape. At the end of the day, the meaning of a gummy bear tattoo will be different for everyone who gets one.

Perhaps this wide range of public opinion and appetite is the reason why there has been no legal dispute over the origin or image of the gummy bear, except one between Haribo and Lindt for the latter looking like a chocolate bear wrapped in paper gold-plated aluminum (Haribo won in 2011).