Are Haribo Gummy Bears Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly?

Most Haribo gummy candies share much of the same ingredient list. In non-vegetarian candies, the ingredients that cause problems are gelatin and beeswax. As you explore Haribo candies to discover which ones are vegan or vegetarian, you'll notice that a pattern is emerging. If the candy doesn't have gelatin or beeswax, it's almost always vegan.

If the candy has beeswax but no jelly, it's vegetarian. The Gold Bears, which are Haribo's signature candies, are not available without jelly at this time. Now that you know which Haribo gummy candies are vegan and vegetarian, you might be wondering where to get them. Check with small local retailers to see how their stocks are.

You never know when you'll find a hidden gem with vegan Haribo candies on sale. Many gummy enthusiasts turn to online-only stores, such as Amazon, to satisfy their Haribo cravings. This opens the door to several international flavors that aren't available in local stores. Currently, consumers cannot order directly from Haribo, and there are still no options to create customizable candies through Haribo.

Not all of Haribo's vegan and vegetarian options are available in US candy stores. You may still be able to purchase many of these international flavors through online retailers. Although there is a green label in Great Britain stating that the product is safe for vegetarians, packaging and labels vary by country. While it's normal to worry about the ethical origin of carnauba in Brazil, Haribo only promises a sustainable carnauba harvest.

They are part of the Responsible Carnauba Initiative (IRC). While Haribo promises a sustainable supply of its ingredients, the company does not yet offer any certified organic gummy candies. Haribo only has one animal-friendly Christmas treat called Giant Trees. These contain beeswax and therefore cannot be designated as vegan.

No candy is really good for you; they are made (mostly) of sugar. In small quantities, they are quite harmless and fun treats. In large quantities, Haribo candies can be bad for your teeth and belly, whether vegan or not. No, but Haribo uses natural flavorings such as fruit and vegetable extracts to give it color and flavor.

Citric acid isn't as acidic as fumaric acid, but it offers a touch of flavor when you bite; it's perfect for those who like a little flavor but not too much.

Gummy bears

contain animal products in the form of jelly. Gelatin is made from decaying animal skins, boiled shredded bones, and connective tissues from cattle and pigs. While the current line of vegetarian and vegan flavors is limited, the brand is constantly producing new candies.

Vegan candies are made with a plant-based thickener such as agar-agar powder or sustainably sourced palm oil. Sour S'Ghetti, for example, is one of Haribo's vegan candies and includes artificial and natural flavors as ingredients. Large companies and retailers can order Haribo candies through manufacturers, but consumers must buy from Haribo retailers.

Gelatin is generally used as a stabilizer, thickener or texturizer in foods such as yogurt, cream cheese and gummies.

In Great Britain, Haribo vegetarian candies have a green stamp on the bag that reads: “Suitable for vegetarians”. With so many decades in the world of candies, it's no wonder that Haribo has evolved with society to include vegan and vegetarian candy options.

While milk isn't an ingredient in most gummy candies, Haribo warns that all candies may contain or dairy products. While Haribo's signature gummy is the Golden Bear, vegans and vegetarians need to find their own Haribo pet; the same brand also manufactures other vegan gummy bear flavors as well as other vegan gummy candies such as worms and rings. Gummy bears are a popular sweet treat, and Haribo is one of the best-known brands of this type of candy. In the United States you can buy a bag of Haribo gummies at many grocery stores and convenience stores; if you're in the mood for a soft gummy bear you're also in luck - Tesco sells a 1 kg package of Haribo soft gummy bears.