How to Keep Gummies from Sticking Together

Gummy coatings, such as wax and cornstarch, are designed to keep gummies from sticking together. These coatings can be added after the gummies have cooled, dried and removed from their molds. After letting them sit for a day to dry and harden, you can ensure that your gummy bears will remain looking wet, sticky and difficult to handle. To achieve the perfect product, gummies require extra fine granulated sucrose, with a minimum sucrose content of 99.9%, 0.03% water, 0.02% ash and 0.02% invert sugar.

When the relative humidity is right, the gummies will dry in about 6-8 hours. After a fairly long drying process, the gummy bears are coated with beeswax and carnauba wax, which give them a shiny finish and prevent them from sticking together. If you want the gummies to be firmer, cook at a higher temperature and add modified cornstarch or clear gel after cooking. Make sure the jelly blooms for an even better result. Adding a rubbery layer is also an option to keep your gummy candies from sticking together.

Sticky, engraved candies can be frozen (as is the case with chocolate) or melted with hot water to remove their volume.