Are Gummy Vitamins Safe for Kids?

Gummies may taste great, but they are full of sugar and their chewy texture is bad for teeth. Vitamins and nutrients are essential for children's growth and development, but the vitamins in gummies can actually be harmful. Despite the packaging that labels them as healthy, the gelatin and pectin used to hold gummy vitamins together can stick to teeth and cause tooth decay. Recent research has also shown that they can cause additional problems.

Ideally, children should get enough nutrition from the food they eat. However, gummy vitamins can be beneficial for picky eaters, those who have difficulty swallowing pills, vegans, and older adults. If you are interested in testing vitamins in gummies, look for brands that are low in sugar and have been tested by a third party. While chewable multivitamins may not taste as good as jelly beans, they are a much better option.

It is important to understand that not all vitamins and minerals are present in all types of multivitamin gummies. These gummies contain a certain amount of vitamins, but relying on them alone is not a good idea as they may not be enough. They also contain high amounts of sugar and have a sticky texture, making them the perfect recipe for tooth decay and other dental problems in children. Excessive consumption of gummy vitamins can put you at risk of consuming an excessive amount of certain nutrients.

However, these gummy vitamins can be beneficial to certain populations, including people who have nutritional deficiencies or absorption problems. If you really care about your child's health and nutrition enough to give them a vitamin right from the start, take care of yourself enough to stop giving them gummies.