What Does the Color Yellow Mean for Gummy Bears?

The color yellow is often associated with warmth, hope, and happiness. According to Katz, this is because our brains are used to processing certain sensory signals together. For example, when we think of yellow, we may also think of the smell of lemon and a slightly acidic taste. When two of these three signals are present, our brains will fill in the blanks. Gummy bears are a popular candy that can be made with either starch or pectin instead of jelly.

This makes them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. To produce gummy bears, an artist carves the design in plaster and then duplicates it on a tray full of cornstarch called the starch magnate. This means that the green gummy bear—the one that many people identify as watermelon or green apple—actually tastes like strawberries. The name 'gummy bear' comes from the original thickener used by Riegel, gum arabic (the resin of an acacia tree). Halal gummy bears are produced in Turkey, but Haribo uses animal gelatin to make its gummy products.

In areas where pork cannot be eaten, it is necessary to make them with bovine gelatin.