Which Gummies Have the Lowest Sugar Content?

Cocomeles are a delicious candy that remind many of rolls, but with about half the sugar. A ten-gram serving of Cocomels contains 3.5 grams of sugar, while the same serving of Rolls would have more than six grams. Plus, since the flavor and texture of Cocomels are so rich, the five-piece serving size is enough to satisfy them. Made mainly with organic and dairy-free ingredients, gluten or any artificial ingredients, these small, tasty spheres are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a candy that really tastes like caramel.If you're looking for a low-sugar option, Cocomels are a great choice.

They are low in sugar rather than sugar-free, since each serving contains 3 grams of sugar, but there are 0 grams of added sugar.


, with more than 100 years of experience in the confectionery industry, is the leading producer of delicious jelly candies. Their sugar-free gummy bears have 35% fewer calories than standard gummy bears and just 60 calories per bag. These juicy candies have nearly half the calories of other low-sugar gummy bears. Albanese Worlds also offers a great selection of sugar-free gummies.

Their 100% plant-based recipe does not use animal by-products such as gelatin and comes in a variety of flavors. With 45% fewer calories than their whole-sugar counterparts, Jelly Belly's sugar-free gummy bears offer the same delicious flavor without the sour tickle. Finally, if you're looking for a classic candy with a chewy texture, Albanese Worlds' gummy worms are perfect for car rides, snacks to the movies, or school lunches.