What Makes Gummy Bears So Deliciously Chewy?

Gummy bears are a beloved treat that have been around for decades. But what makes them so deliciously chewy? The answer lies in the main ingredient: edible jelly. This jelly is also found in licorice, soft candies, and marshmallows, and it gives gummy bears their signature texture and long shelf life. To make gummy bears, you first need to fill the molds correctly.

After half an hour in the cooler, you can take the gummies out of the molds and place them in an upright position to begin dehydrating and hardening. To prevent the gummies from sticking together, you can spread the mold with cornstarch before pouring in the jelly mixture. The texture of Haribo gummy bears is due to the fact that they are made to be a little “rancid” to obtain that texture. There are no other gelling agents in the commercial gummy bear mix either.

Gummy bear candies take a little time to eat, so they're not a snack to snack on and off you go. If you want your gummies to last longer and not develop mold, you can add potassium sorbate. If you do this and you're still having problems, leave the gummies in the molds for longer because the cornstarch will dry them out a little and it will be easier to remove them from the molds. The inventor of Gold-Bears, Hans Riegel, created his famous gummy candies two years after he founded his company.

From previous experiences, it's important to note that gummies should be elastic but still chewable. If you infuse CBD into your pain gummies, gelatin is a good choice (in ketogenic, obviously not vegan).