Are Gummy Bears Good for Blood Sugar? An Expert's Perspective

Sugar has gotten a bad reputation, often referred to as the worst thing you can eat. But what about gummy bears? Are they good for blood sugar levels? The answer is not so simple. Gummy candies contain carbohydrates, which have a big impact on blood sugar levels. The main ingredients in gummy bears are sugar, corn syrup and jelly.

All of these ingredients are quickly absorbed by the body, which causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Of course, they also contain some protein, but their general consumption may harm the risk of diabetes due to high levels of glucose and sucrose. Sports drinks with carefully formulated osmolality values have advantages over gummy bears and gummy candies during exercise. Real foods, such as candy and sugary soft drinks, can play a role, especially if that means you're more likely to consume calories when you need them.

Sugar-free candies are made with artificial sweeteners, meaning they may have less of an impact on blood sugar levels. These sweeteners don't increase blood sugar levels and are much lower in calories than traditional sugar. However, it is essential to regulate your intake even with sugar-free gummies, since they also contain artificial sweeteners that can affect glucose levels in case of high consumption. Be sure to ask your diabetes care team about any concerns or questions related to sweets and the treatment of low blood sugar. Many diabetes organizations offer helpful resources on candy nutrition, especially in the context of blood sugar control and diabetes. In conclusion, gummy bears can be beneficial for blood sugar levels in certain situations.

However, it is important to be mindful of the amount consumed and to consult with a healthcare professional if there are any concerns or questions related to sweets and the treatment of low blood sugar.