Do Kids Multivitamin Gummies Really Work?

Vitamins are essential for children's growth and development, but the vitamins in gummies can be harmful to their health. Despite the packaging that labels them as healthy, gummies are often made with artificial colors, high-fructose corn syrup, and dipped in sugar crystals. The gelatin and pectin used to hold gummy vitamins together can stick to the teeth and cause tooth decay. Recent research has also found that the vitamins in gummies may not have the components they claim to contain, and they can contain high amounts of sugar and questionable ingredients.

Sugar alcohols, which are natural sugar substitutes, can also cause digestive problems. Chewable vitamins are a classic choice, but parents should keep in mind that gummies labeled sugar-free still contain citric acid which wears away tooth enamel. While gummies may be tastier for children to eat, chewable multivitamins are a much better option for their health. If you want to improve your child's health, stop buying vitamins in the form of gummies and opt for chewable multivitamins instead.

Discuss vitamin intake with older children and keep gummies out of reach of young children.