Vegan Gummies: What are They Made Of?

Vegan gummies are a great alternative to traditional jelly-based candies. Most vegan gummies are made with agar-agar powder or soluble fiber from tapioca instead of gelatin, which gives them the same texture as a gummy bear. Agar powder is much stronger than gelatin and is the recommended ingredient for vegan gummy bear recipes. While the texture may not be exactly the same as traditional gummy bears, these vegan jellies are still a delicious and sweet treat.Vitamin C is vulnerable to oxidation, so if you can include it in any way in your vegan gummies, you'll want to store them in an airtight container.

Agar gives these vegan gummy bears more of a “jelly” consistency than the chewiest candies you can buy in stores. Unfortunately, most store-bought gummies are not vegan and are made with gelatin and sometimes other non-vegan ingredients, such as carmine and other food colors. If you're looking for a vegan sweet treat, making your own vegan gummy bears is a great option. I originally made this recipe for my boyfriend because he's obsessed with gummy bears and fruit snacks and wanted to try a vegan version. I've been watching a lot of different videos on how to make gummies and one said that you can use more agar-agar to adjust the consistency you want.

Putting the mold on a large plate is a good way to transfer the vegan gummy bears to the fridge to cool.