How Long Can Homemade Gummies Last?

In general, homemade gummies can last up to two weeks in the fridge due to the low temperature that helps maintain their structure. This is because homemade gummies are usually made with all-natural ingredients and without preservatives, which means they tend to develop mold after two weeks. If you keep them at room temperature, gummy bears can last up to five days. It is important to store them properly if you want them to last longer. Edible products such as gummies, hard candies and chocolate from retail marijuana stores can be stored in a cupboard (in an airtight container) as long as it is not near a heat source.

To cure gummies, it is essential to place freshly cooked gummies in a room with a humidity level of 35 or lower. If you want to keep your homemade gummy bears for more than five days, you'll need to store them in the fridge. The low temperature of the fridge will maintain its structure and help preserve the gummies, extending their lifespan. After half an hour in the cooler, you can take all the gummies out of the molds and place them in an upright position somewhere out of the way so that they begin to dehydrate and harden. You can also put the gummies in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds, but since microwave ovens vary by manufacturer, keep an eye on them. However, almost all gummies melt at high temperatures since their structures are not capable of withstanding high temperatures. When your gummies stay fresh, the flavor will last much longer and the main ingredients won't degrade either.

Since homemade gummy bears tend to melt faster than commercial ones, you'll want to make sure you avoid keeping them in a place warm enough to melt. If you produce a big enough batch, your homemade gummies will be cheaper than those you can buy online.