How much sugar is in a gummy?

Sugar is added to make the gummies taste super sweet.

Often, there are 3 to 5 grams of sugar in each gummy vitamin.

Children should not consume more than 25 grams throughout the day. Adult women should also consume less than 25 grams of sugar a day, and 37.5 grams is the limit for men. The article “Live Strong” states that gummy bears are almost all sugar.

An average gummy bear serving, consisting of approximately 17 or 18 pieces, contains between 21 and 22 grams of sugar. That amount of sugar equals between 5.25 and 5.5 teaspoons of sugar. As a general rule, there are 12 to 17 g of total sugar in a serving of normal gummy bears, which equates to 1.1 g to 2.4 g of sugar per gummy bear. Sugar-free gummy bears are available that can contain as little as 0 to 3 g of total sugar per serving.

As a general rule, a gummy bear usually contains between 1.1 g and 2 g of sugar, depending on the size of the gummy bear. The gummy bears with the highest sugar content I found in this search were gummy bears by 365 points (you know the Whole Foods Market brand). Some of these gummy bear brands are the best-known brands of gummy bears that are high in sugar and others are low-sugar or sugar-free alternatives. These gummy bears contain no sugar and are instead sweetened with maltitol, organic stevia and organic erythritol.

Since there are 13 gummies in a 30 g serving, this equates to 1.1 g of sugar per gummy bear (Haribo gummy bears are almost half the size of 365 gummy bears).

It has to do with Rip Van's gummy bears. In my opinion, any candy without sugar or sweetener is a success.

The final gummy bears on this list are from Maryruth's. MaryRuth's sugar-free gummy bears are made with organic ingredients and even contain electrolytes and fiber.

Not all gummy bears are sugar-free; unless the package states that they don't contain sugar, they usually contain sugar. There is slightly less sugar in a 30 g serving of Black Forest gummy bears: 15 g of sugar to be precise. Plus, if you want a gummy bear with low sugar content that isn't sweetened with sugary alcohol, Joyride is an excellent choice for you: these gummy bears are sweetened with organic cane sugar, allulose and stevia. It's not clear how many gummy bears are in each pack of snacks, so I can't provide you with the sugar content of a single gummy bear.

But exactly how much sugar do these adorable nostalgic candies contain? To answer this question, I selected 12 brands of gummy bears and analyzed the sugar content.