Are Gummies Safe for 1 Year Olds?

Once your child is 2 years old, it's okay to give them a sweet treat from time to time, such as some chocolate that melts in their mouth, a small cookie, or a bite of cake. While no one has ever died from acute marijuana poisoning, unwittingly eating food containing marijuana could pose a serious health risk. Symptoms may include drowsiness, dizziness, loss of balance, fast heartbeat, nausea, fever, confusion, paranoia, or difficulty breathing. Ingesting enough THC could even lead to seizures or a coma.

But even if a child doesn't get very sick from food mixed with marijuana, the strangeness of the whole experience can be traumatizing and frightening for both the child and their parents. If you want to ensure your child's health and wellbeing, it's best to avoid buying vitamins in the form of gummies. Vitamins and nutrients are essential for children's growth and development, but vitamins created with artificial colors, high-fructose corn syrup, and dipped in sugar crystals can be harmful. Gelatin and pectin used to hold gummy vitamins together can stick to teeth and, in combination with sweet sugar, cause tooth decay. Recent research also shows that gummies can cause additional problems.

When it comes to sharing the occasional candy with your toddler, soft candies are always the safest option.