Do Haribo Gummy Bears Have Different Flavors?

Haribo gummy bears are renowned for their unique flavors. While some candies, such as Skittles, have different colors and scents, but taste the same, Haribo gummy bears offer five distinct flavors. The original gummy bear packs contain red, green, and other colors, each with its own flavor. NPR reporters recently questioned if gummy bears had different tastes, and contacted Haribo for answers.

Haribo watermelon gummies look like cute watermelon slices, and have a sweet cherry profile. Fizzy Cola gummies offer a true cola flavor, while Happy-Cola has a spicy flavor with citrus notes. Walmart shoppers describe the gummies as having a crunchy outer layer with a soft center. Many people enjoy the nostalgia of trading gummies with friends in elementary school.

Haribo Sour Goldbears are the same classic gummy bears with five flavors - strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and pineapple - but with an added layer of acidic sugar for a double bittersweet sensation. Amazon reviews praise the Funtastic Mix for its unhealthy qualities and rivalries between siblings caused by favorite forms. Gummy bears are a classic ice cream topping that can bring back fond memories of childhood. Whether you prefer the classic or sour version, Haribo gummy bears offer unique flavors that can't be found in other candies.