What is the Healthiest Chocolate Bar to Eat?

Britons reportedly enjoy an average of 187 of our favorite chocolate bars every year, so it's no surprise that chocolate is an important part of our lives. Whether it's a Snickers with nuts, a delicious Mars or an Aero with a delicious mint flavor, we all have our favorite chocolate bars, but do you ever stop to check the fats and calories in your usual choice? And if the results surprise you, be sure to check out the best and worst cookies and cereals before heading to the next grocery store. When it comes to the healthiest chocolate bar, the iconic Toblerone comes in first place with only one gram less fat than our worst chocolate bar. It has seven fewer calories and 1 g less fat, so it almost lost last place.

The Lion bar is second-worst, with only 7 more calories than the Twix but 1 g less fat. Yorkie is the second-worst chocolate bar you can have after eating, with a surprisingly high percentage of its 68 g of weight in the form of fat. Peanuts and caramel make up a large proportion of the calorie and fat content of Snickers bars. It may taste good, but it won't do anything for your waist.

With a whopping 260 calories and almost 10 g of fat, a Mars a day won't be very good for your thighs. Choose snack-sized Mars bars instead of a large bar to keep your calories under control. Did you know that a single piece of Galaxy Caramel has 42 calories? For the same amount you can eat 2 satsumas, half a grapefruit or 5 olives. Sugary candy is responsible for most of the fat content, something that should be avoided.

Thanks to an ingenious marketing slogan, the classic Kit Kat is associated with tea breaks, and 47 Kit Kats are eaten every second in the United Kingdom. The layers of water are covered with chocolate and placed together in bundles of two or four fingers. Although it once had a bad reputation for inducing hyperactivity in young children, Smarties are now made with natural dyes to create their range of colors. With less than 200 calories per tube, they're not a bad taste and can be easily shared with children.

White chocolate bars are generally marketed to children, but low in calories and fat, they are also good as adult snacks. In addition, with just over 130 calories, they are one of the bars with the lowest calories and, since white chocolate is sweeter, you don't need as much. In third place is the iconic Kinder Bueno bar, one of the healthiest chocolate bars you can have as a snack or after lunch. Its delicious topping triumphs, as there is less than 10 g of fat in each bar.

With a very low calorie count and less than 5 g of fat, the illusory 100 Grand chocolate bar is one of the healthiest in existence. Its chewy center and crisp outer layer also make it a delicious afternoon snack with a cup of tea. Milky Ways are the best chocolate bars you can have as a snack. Not only are the two pieces in each package less than 100 calories, but they're almost half as much fat as any other chocolate bar, and we can't argue with that.

We asked three nutritionists to rank the most popular chocolate bars in the country (based on retail sales data from IRI) from the healthiest to the least healthy. When people set out to lose weight, they avoid “chocolate bars” at all costs, but they have no problem enjoying dark chocolate. Among bars with similar ingredients, the one with the least sugar won, and chocolate bars that contained unrecognizable ingredients were at the bottom of the list. While most chocolate bars are usually in the 200-calorie range and have a similar nutritional profile, there are definitely differences between them.

Of course, this doesn't include sugar-free versions of chocolate bars that use sugar alcohols which are obviously much lower in sugar. While he didn't consider any of the chocolate bars to be healthy, he said he preferred those with “some kind of healthy ingredients such as nuts or chocolate,” as the first ingredients on the list. Depending on the type of chocolate bar you're looking for, you may be presented with the option of dark chocolate or milk chocolate. While most of the bars are from the United States (we have some of the best chocolate) I bought a few others that I tried in both Canada and the United Kingdom and that I also love.

Sure luxury chocolate is great and dark chocolate contains beneficial minerals and antioxidants but there's something wonderfully nostalgic about drugstore chocolate.