Do Gummy Vitamins Work as Well as Pills?

It can be difficult to determine whether gummy vitamins are as effective as pills. Studies have shown that if a gummy vitamin and a vitamin pill contain the same amount of vitamin, they are absorbed equally into the bloodstream. A study published in the journal Nutrients compared vitamin D gummies with vitamin D pills in healthy adults and found that gummies and pills were about the same when it came to bioavailability. Another study with vitamin C, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, also found similar bioavailability between gummies and pills.

Yes, the vitamins in gummies work. They contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs, such as 13 vitamins and at least 16 essential minerals. These vitamins and minerals help convert food into energy, build strong bones and teeth, promote vision, promote muscle health, provide antioxidant benefits, strengthen the immune system, and provide many other health benefits. The vitamins in gummies may be easier for some to digest than traditional pills.

Consuming pills on a daily basis can be a difficult task, especially if the supplements are large in size. Chewable vitamins may be a good middle ground without sugar and without being chewy. However, there are some key differences between the vitamins in gummies and the vitamins in pills. Gummies often advertise inaccurate doses, have a shorter shelf life, and may contain high amounts of sugar, essentially counteracting their purpose.

The composition of gummies allows ingredients to lose potency faster than pills. If you take a couple of gummy vitamins throughout the day, that added sugar will definitely build up. Most doctors and medical professionals agree that vitamins in gummies are inferior to vitamins in pill form. A study showed that four out of five packs of vitamin gummies contained more or less than the advertised dose.

Gummies labeled sugar-free omit the sugar, but the citric acid that replaces them wears down tooth enamel. If your child can't take traditional pills, try chewable vitamins before turning to gummies. The slightly chalky taste may not be as appealing as that of popping gum, but vitamins are worth sacrificing. In addition to considering your diet as a place to consume these micronutrients, you can also turn to chewable vitamins which generally contain more precise amounts of the advertised doses.