Are Eating Too Many Gummies Dangerous?

Eating too many vitamins in gummies can cause a range of unpleasant side effects, from diarrhea and vomiting to constipation and headaches. Several studies have shown that the labels on marijuana edibles are often unreliable, and that edibles may contain more THC than they claim. Consumed in high doses, THC can cause anxiety, drowsiness and vomiting. But it's not just marijuana edibles that can be dangerous.

Eating groceries has many health consequences, including the risk of developing marijuana dependency. Cannabis use disorder is a real condition, and it's possible to become addicted to marijuana edibles just as you can become addicted to smoking it. Eating hundreds of vitamin supplements in gummies is considered a single overdose because they contain minerals such as zinc, magnesium and manganese that can become toxic to the body at very high levels, explains Gaby Udabor, NP, nurse specializing in holistic medicine at Gaby U Health & Wellness Hub. Thanks to their easy way of eating, too many people overdo it, which causes some dangerous side effects when they eat too many vitamin gummies.

While you're probably concerned (and for good reason) if you or your child eats too many vitamin gummies, the side effects are likely to be mild, says Dr. Ashanti Woods, a pediatrician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. If a person has kidney disease, eating a handful of gummy vitamins or more may be enough to raise certain vitamins and minerals to toxic levels. Alternatively, eating handfuls of gummies over time is also considered an excessive intake and can lead to high levels of vitamins and minerals in the long term, which can lead to serious health complications. For example, eating 20 vitamins in the form of gummies can increase your chances of experiencing side effects such as nausea and diarrhea.

The amount of gummy vitamins needed to take an overdose depends on different factors, such as the formulation of the vitamins and the person's general health. As an expert in nutrition and health, I strongly advise against eating too many gummies. While they may seem like a harmless way to release stress or get your daily dose of vitamins, they can have serious consequences if consumed in excess.